Can I change the "Username"?

No, once the username is registered, you can't change it.

Can I change the "First Name" & "Last Name"?

Yes, you can change the First & Last Name, as many times as you want.

Which name will be displayed to the visitors?

Your First and Last Name will be displayed to the visitors.

Can I change my login password?

Yes, you can change your login password at any time. Please keep it safe and never share your login details with anyone to keep your account secured.

What if I do not want to show my contact number?

You can click the button of “Hide Phone" to hide your contact number.

Can I delete my account by myself?

Yes, you can delete your account by yourself, and keep in mind that you will be notified on account deletion. Please confirm before proceeding.

How many images I can add in a single ad?

In any single ad, you are allowed to upload maximum 20 images.

How many videos I can add in a single ad?

Maximum 2 videos are allowed to attach, in any single ad. For this purpose, you can only “Add A Link" of video from “YouTube or Vimeo".